Pokemon Go. What a crazy thing!

A crazy thing that has millions of people out exercising, meeting other players and creating general merriment everywhere!

And it can make you money…


Do not underestimate what investing a little time into this game can do for your bottom line. It can be highly profitable and is a fun way to bring in new business.

No really. It can. Here’s how you do it:

  1. Play the game so you understand. Here’s a great Pokemon Go Tutorial and this a Glossary of Terms so you can learn what everything is.
  1. Drop a Lure at your business. This lets players know there’s a Pokemon Stop nearby. This is an in-app purchase.
  1. Engage the community with signage on your establishment, in Pokemon Go groups, and use #PokemonGo on social media. Now before you assume the players are all teens and tweens, you should know that virtually every age group and demographic is represented.
  1. Incentivize players. Offer discounts, free gifts, or anything else you can think of that is specific to your business when players come in to capture a Pokemon. Ask those players to check in at your business on Facebook and send pics of the ones they catch. Post those pics on your social media using the hashtag #PokemonGo.
  1. Offer a place to recharge phones. Pokemon Go drains batteries so charging stations, free Wifi and maybe even some free water are great things to offer players who could become potential new clients. Make sure to post what you’re offering on all your social media platforms.
  1. If you find out there’s a rare Pokemon near your business, LET PEOPLE KNOW! This could bring new clients flooding into your store. Here is a handy ranking chart of Pokemon from most common to most rare to help you know what players are looking for most.
  1. Advertise that you’re “Pokemon friendly” on Facebook. Tell people by clicking “advertise to people near my business” to maximize exposure.

Now go collect all those new customers. #Gotttacatchemall!