If you’ve looked at Instagram for more than five minutes in the past few weeks, you’ve seen multiple postings of people asking you to Turn On Notifications so you can continue to see their pics. This is supposedly because of a new algorithm update from Instagram that changes your timeline to reflect the posts that are most relevant to you instead of chronologically.


Yeah. Don’t do that.


That update doesn’t even exist yet. But people heard about it and kind of lost their minds. However, Instagram is already fixing the problem that doesn’t exist yet by rolling out that feature slowly. It won’t be available until later in the year. They are testing it and refining it before unleashing it on the public. Even if it did already exist, turning on notifications is not the answer. That will only serve to turn your phone into an annoying beep grenade. And asking you to turn on notifications is really just a ploy by Instagram users to drive you to their feeds right now.


This imaginary oops originally coincided with their new multiple-account switching update – which is awesome but only available on Android and for some iOS users.


Remember the Facebook privacy hoax that pops up every year or so? You know, the one that tells people to declare their “privacy rights” publicly in a status so Facebook can’t use your content? That’s not really a thing. This is kind of like that. Turning on notifications for Instagram won’t change anything as far as the platform is concerned. Especially since, again, the problem it’s suppose solve Doesn’t. Exist. Yet.


It’s really an object lesson for us all. Anytime you see users of a social media site freaking out and yelling that you should immediately change your settings, put on your skeptical pants. This is what Google is for. Take a breath. Look it up. See what the respectable tech sites are saying about it. There’s a good chance that it’s either a dastardly marketing ploy or unfounded hysteria. Either way, you just might save yourself some unnecessary Xanax doses.


Look, you’re a smart person who doesn’t have time for nonsense like this. It can actually take less time to look up the validity of a potential problem than it does to make the “changes” an Instagram celebrity or your weird uncle who doesn’t understand satire tells you to make. No more excuses like “The meme made me do it!”


Be savvy. Question the source. Find the truth before you act or post. Do that and you’ll look like the smartest person on the internet.