Instagram is about to get a whole lot more profitable – especially for small businesses. In a few months the photo sharing giant will roll out new business tools that will increase visibility and reach. When they introduced ads, there was much rejoicing – but now it’s getting even better.


Here’s what’s coming:


  • A “Contact” Button – Instagram users will now be able to find direct contact information for businesses in the form of email, phone number, text instructions, and even directions to their physical location if they’ve got one. No more sifting through comments and private messages.
  • Insights – Being able to analyze how your posts are doing and gathering information on what’s working and not working with your audience is critical for a business. Instagram is going to offer analytics that are similar to those used by Facebook so it will be familiar and user friendly.
  • Promotion Tools – Can you get behind sponsored posts to extend your reach beyond your followers? So can we. You will be able to target your demographic. Throw in a call to action and people are going to be engaged.


Excited yet? This might send you over the top…The Great and Powerful Oz, or whoever is behind the curtain at Instagram, wants everyone to know that they understand the majority of their business users are NOT professional marketers – so they have kept things simple. If you’ve been handling your business over at Facebook, you’re golden. You don’t have to be Don Draper to successfully use these new tools.
Well done, Instagram. We salute you.