You’ve Gotta Act Fast!

Thanks to the internet and short attention spans, communicating in real time has become critical to reaching your target audience. You have to get them to notice YOU above all the other noise, politics, and baby goat videos. It can be a study in frustration and banging your head against your screen saver.

Facebook Live is a real-time feed that plays directly on your Facebook page – kind of like Facetime but on a much larger scale. You are communicating directly with your audience via a video feed that they can comment on and share with others. There is something about seeing you speaking in real time that peaks people’s interest. Its immediacy provokes an immediate response.

Facebook Live isn’t Just for Personal Use

SocialVention’s own Cindy Morrison uses Facebook Live often for personal and professional purposes. Recently she organized a fundraiser for her son’s Union Redskins Football team using the app.

Cindy and other supporters raised approximately $6700 for the team utilizing the power of Facebook Live. They garnered over 10,000 views and 100 shares. This is a success by anyone’s standards.

What Facebook Live can do for you:

  • Engage your audience in real time. Let them know you are actively invested in making contact with them.
  • Increase your reach. When you go live those who are already engaged can share your post, Facebook will announce you are live and your video will remain on Facebook as a searchable addition. Reaching new people means reaching new revenue.
  • Connect personally. Let people know who you are. Make them feel like they know you, a real and tangible person who wants to know them.

You don’t have to be a video expert to pull this off.

We are here to help you! Our team knows just how to utilize this powerful new app to present your company in the best light. Pun completely intended.


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