Blog Post - How to Get Fined by the International Summer Games - Cindy Morrison of SocialVention - Tulsa, OK

Want to hear something crazy?

From now until August 24th, you are going to have to be very careful about mentioning the Summer Games on social media – brain surgeon careful – or else you could get a big fat fine for violating the blackout regulations.

Your business cannot wish a participant in the Rio Games good luck. You can vaguely wish the whole team good luck but you better not mention an athlete by name because apparently, the Eye of Sauron is in charge of the social media rules this year. One ring to rule those five linked ones or something like that.


Speaking of Rings

You can’t use the official logo either, or the official hashtags, or phrases that “belong” to the Games That Shall Not Be Named.

Yeah. You can’t even say the name of the Games.

Big Brother is watching and you could get a letter threatening legal action if you do not edit or delete posts that violate the blackout restrictions.


So what do you do?

You get clever. You say exactly what you want to say without actually using the words that have been forbidden by the Greek gods of international competition. People are going to know what you’re talking about. Have fun with it. Shoot, MAKE fun of it because all the new rules this year are ridiculous and worthy of mockery.


Click here for a complete list of all the things you can’t say, do,

or even breathe in the general direction of until August 24th!