For people who work in the Social Media business, we know the drill:

A typical conversation about our job goes something like this…

“Social Media Strategy… so, what do you do?”

“Like Facebook and stuff? Oh, that’s easy I can do that!”

“But it’s FREE, why would someone pay for their Social Media?”

The common misconception that just because everyone has Social Media, means everyone does it right! NOT! There are a lot of small details that go into cranking out good Social Media content, and one simple mistake could cause your world to come crashing down. Having the right person for your Social Media presence is key. And having a good online presence can sky rocket you into success.

Recently, Food Channel Star, Paula Deen, got some very unwanted attention after a mistake on her Social Media Manager’s part caused some serious backlash. Everyone loves a good #ThrowbackThursday (or #tbt), but someone needs to draw the line when your throwbacks start offending people. After digging up an old picture of a previous Halloween episode, an image of Deen as Lucy, from I Love Lucy, and her son as Ricky Ricardo, was posted to the internet.

The seemingly innocent memory caused some serious uproar when followers noticed Deen’s son in blackface, to portray Ricky’s dark skin. A practice popular from the 19th century, but definitely something that shouldn’t be used in 21 century. The picture shed unwanted light on her recent “racism scandal”. Needless to say the picture was taken down immediately and the Social Media Manager was fired.

So, how can you avoid a situation like this? SocialVention has come up with a list of things to take notice when hiring your next Social Media Manager. How can you tell if you hired the right one? Here are a few helpful tips…

They will tell you NO!

The best way to tell if you hired the right person to manage your Social Media is when you’ve heard the words “NO”. A good Social Media manager is going to tell you what you are doing wrong. Now, this isn’t always the case because not everyone is always in the wrong, but it’s also not their job to praise and reassure you everything is good. Their job is the be honest about where you stand against other competitors in your field. Be ready for some real honesty. There is a chance they may just get rid of everything you’ve been doing and start over new. They may completely trash your WHOLE strategy (assuming you have one), but that’s ok. Trust that you picked the right person for your brand and they will send you into Social Media stardom!

They use multiple Social Media Platforms, NOT just Facebook

Make sure your Social Media Manager has your name and brand active on more Social Media platforms than just Facebook and Twitter. Branching you out to spaces like YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram and LinkedIn are where you can engage with your customers and followers from many different angles. Whether you think that you need the Google Plus page, (P.S. You DO! Being active on Google Plus, keeps you up to date on Google search engine) trust them when they sign you up on platforms you’ve never been used before. It’s good to be active on Social Media of all forms, because you never know where a potential client or customer is coming from. You may hook them with your witty 60 second YouTube videos, or have them interested by your Tumblr blog. Whatever it is they sign you up for, get creative, and have some fun! Trust us, staying active on multiple Social Media platforms will help you in the long run. (On the flip side, don’t blindly agree to EVERY platform. Make sure you’re on the platforms your TARGET AUDIENCE uses. A quick Google search can give you general user ages, stats, etc.)

Lots and Lots of communication.

The key to anyone being successful is communication. The right Social Media Manager for you will NEED constant communication to do their job. There is nothing worse than missing out on a great Social Media opportunity that could have been “promotion gold”, because of lack of communication. Don’t be afraid to keep up with them about new things that are happening, or changes that are taking place. The more they know, the more they can help you.

Consistency is Your Friend

A good Social Media Manager is going to make you stay consistent & relevant. Consistency is important in creating an image for your brand. Try making a plan, or an image for yourself and stick with it. (A good Social Media Manager can help you do this.) When you make too many changes to your brand, logo, or business plan you can appear as if you are still trying to figure out who you are. Also, when things don’t go as planned the first time around, this doesn’t always mean you need to give up on it. Things take time to work, so patience is key. Be proud and strong in the fact that you know what your brand stands for, and stick with it!

Finding the right Social Media Manager may take some time. But do some research beforehand. Having someone with experience and GOOD, solid references can ensure that you are going to be getting advice from someone who knows what they are doing. Hiring a Social Media Manager can be the best thing you do for your brand, it can open doors to places you’ve never seen before!