The New Facebook Carousel Ads Are Awesome

We’re convinced, the future of Facebook advertising has arrived in the form of Facebook Carousel Ads. You may have even seen some yourself and not realized what they were. Carousel Ads are a series of images that scroll from side to side that showcase up to 3-5 images that can link and direct people to specific parts of your website. Each image will contain its own headline, link, and description.

Give me an example, please.

Say you want to promote three different items on your website, but they don’t all fall under the same page. Maybe you want followers to see your clearance items, sign up for your newsletter, and read your latest blog. You can direct traffic to different sections of your site, making navigating your website much easier.

Carousel Ads Aren’t Just for Products

You can get creative with the interactive, multi-picture ads, in many ways. You can make each image tell a different part of a story. Telling your followers the story of your brand, or showing them the benefits of using your services is especially easy since Facebook doesn’t charge extra for Carousel Ads. That’s right, your Ads can have up to 5 pictures and they won’t charge you more! That’s pretty cool!

Other fun ways to use the Carousel Ads is to show various features of one item. Each picture could showcase a cool feature of one item so people know just exactly how awesome your product is. You could use this new feature to make a step by step guide for followers to know exactly how they can enjoy your services. Since Facebook wants to make Carousel Ads as easy as possible for you, they “optimize” the most popular pictures in your ad, and rearrange the ones with the most traffic to come first. Pretty sweet of them, but if you need them in order just de-select the optimization feature and you are golden!

Get Creative with Your Company’s Carousel Ads

Carousel Ads are sure to be popping up all around Social Media, especially as Instagram is gearing up to roll out their own as well. In the mean time enjoy some of these creative carousel ads, to get you inspired to make your own! Design recommendations for Carousel Images are 600 pixels x 600 pixels and images still cannot contain more than 20% text. See Facebook’s official guidelines HERE. You’ve got the opportunity to say a lot about your brand, with little space with Carousel Ads. Take a chance with them, get creative, and have some fun!

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