What’s the Latest on the Facebook 20% Rule?

You may have heard that Facebook Ads is loosening its death grip on the 20% rule. Or you may not have since they didn’t actually tell any of their advertisers about it. For marketers who consistently have to send back ads to their graphic designers for adjustments to comply with the Facebook 20% Rule, this might sound like cause for rejoicing in the streets. If you’re a marketer, you may already be dissolving into a puddle of relief just reading this paragraph. 

Have you seen that State Farm commercial where one girl gets an insurance rebate big enough to buy that horrific new handbag while the other girl gets to chase a dollar hanging from a fishing pole? This update makes you the girl chasing the dollar.

On the surface, when you ask if Facebook is loosening the 20% rule, the answer is Yes. When you actually try to plug in an ad with more than 20% text, you get an answer that is more complicated.

When submitted for approval, your ad will now fall into one of four different categories:

  • Okay – You’re good to go because you’re under 20% and probably still terrified of going over.
  • Low – You’re a little over 20% so we could limit your reach just a smidge.
  • Medium – Too much, pal. We’ll let this through but your reach is going to be that of a toddler.
  • High – You’re way over 20%. No one will ever see this.

Long story short – the more text you have, the fewer the number of people that will see your ad. It’s an update that’s not really helpful at all. Facebook is pretty much saying, “Use all the text you want, but we’re going to punish you for it.” As a bandaid for the gaping wound of dashed hope they’ve just inflicted, Facebook has said this update is a test. They are monitoring it and could possibly roll out other, more helpful iterations in the future.

Facebook is pretty much saying, “Use all the text you want, but we’re going to punish you for it.”

How do you know which guidelines to follow?

For now, the grid tool is still your best friend. And the Low option isn’t so bad. If you really do need a tiny bit more text to make the ad work, you do have that option now. Let’s try to look at this as a step in the right direction and continue to survive by clinging desperately to our hopes and dreams.